January 21, 2020 

Jeff Lipsky ad campaign for the 18th anniversary of Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

 January 1, 2020 

Nicola Majocchi’s Bottega Veneta story “The Ninja” as featured on Le Book  

 November 19, 2019

Kwaku Alston photographs Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong'o, Awkwafina, Laura Dern and Renée Zellweger for their Actress Roundtable discussion featured on the “The Hollywood Reporter”.

 November 14, 2019

Robert Ascroft captures the power of Olympic athlete Alexandra Wester.

 November 13, 2019

Martin Sigal’s image for the TV series “Spoilerland” on Cablevisión Flow has been selected for Lürzer’s Archive latest volume of “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide”

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